I think of myself as an EXECUTIVE MYSTIC.  I read for special clients.... not just personal futures, but business readings are a specialty.  You can email me for your own THREE QUESTION TAROT READINGS...

I have always (as far back as I can remember) read the future.... And 15 years ago, drew my own set of tarot. I was never satisfied with the multi coloured decks - I am a black and white girl... plus I like having lots of options, and prefer a deck that encourages intuition instead of a multi coloured deck with few options (unless you are an expert) depicting a story, and that is what I have tried to draw. 

The same applies to the angel paintings, they flow  through me without me really having to think (once I started drawing) other than the meditation on each image...I love them, and I am sure you will too. 

I have been creative for my entire life. Although (or because) I was born blind, I have always been interested in the spiritual.  I have been able to see the physical world since i was five, but throughout my entire life have been having mystical experiences.  These generated a sincere interest in the theological/spiritual and religious life, which has led not only to my paintings of angels, but also my work with the tarot,

Whether it is a unique, one of a king original painting, a framed print, a canvas print, or photographs, and designer will tell you (and I firmly believe) that adding paintings to your home decor will not only enhance your decor, it will uplift your mood, and provide a focal point around which your life will evolve.
I am excited to do your Tarot card reading! I won’t just use the tarot, I will be consulting my guide Nadoyan, and working with pendulum and tea leaves.… whatever works, whatever is needed to give you the most accurate answer.

Tarot card readings are an amazing way to learn more about your life. SIMPLIFY – learn to organise your life. CLARIFY Learn to see which element works with the others. MODIFY learn to develop and effective way to manage all of life’s challenges…

Like my mother, and her mother end etc down through the generations, I have had the ability to connect with spirit guides and spiritual energy since a very young age, and have been using Tarot card readings for years as a tool to interpret life energy. I even authored my own cards, THE REVELATION TAROT and continue to use them.


1. You will receive a Tarot Card Reading - I will intuitively pick cards directed at your RESOURCE, YOUR LESSON AND YOUR CHALLENGE in your particular situation….I will use the tarot, the pendulum, and speak with my guide Nadoyan during your reading..

2. I will send you an email detailing the cards drawn during your reading

3. In this email, you will also receive my intuitive interpretation of your question or questions in length and detail. I will show you what is going on within your situation, and what you can look forward to. 

4. I will be using the REVELATION Tarot Card Deck/pendulum plus tea leaves .

***PLEASE NOTE: If you have more than 1 QUESTION or SITUATION you need a reading on, please check out my larger readings in my store.


1. Please send me your 3 questions you need an intuitive Tarot Reading on. You can message Please provide me with your email address so that I can reply. Please be very specific with your question. The more specific you are, the clearer the message and information we can receive. Please tell me everything you think I should know about your situation. 

2. Your name - (If your reading involves other people, please include their name too) 

3. (OPTIONAL) Picture 

4. My Tarot Card Readings are completed SAME DAY, after I receive your email. There are times when there are an extraordinary number of emails come during a day and I can’t answer them all at once. In this case I will acknowledge the receipt of your email, and let you know your reading is on its way.

* Thank you so much for visiting my listing! I am excited to meet you, and especially excited to begin working with you! Have a Beautiful Blessed Day!

*** Tarot Card readings are for entertainment purposes only. I am not responsible for any actions taken from your reading. There are no returns or cancellations possible.vI don't accept returns, exchanges or cancellations,  But please contact me if you have any problems with your order