I have always (as far back as I can remember) read the future.... And 15 years ago, drew my own set of tarot.  I was never satisfied with the multi coloured decks -   plus I like having lots of options, and prefer a deck that encourages intuition, and that is what I have tried to draw.  This major arcana are channelled not forced, and a set of 9 extras (minors?) and a book are being prepared.

A beautifully etched and pressed etching by Paul Margosy, one of australia's most famous painter of birds.

The boxed Revelation Tarot and the Gates and Guardians ready to send.

They are here - The Gates and Guardians, the "alternative" minors for the Revelation Tarot deck. Can be read together with the major deal or purchased and read alone. I do my best readings with just 3 cards.

A closer view of the poster with all of the images with my favourite card in the foreground

This is The Hermit, one of my favourite cards. I resonate with this card personally and professionally. i would like to hide away, but this year I am reading it as "consolidation".

This is a favourite tiny, tiny image of the vintage cover of the album by PINK FLOYD called THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. A group with a cult following, this is an iconic album. You can see the album has been well played, the sleeve shows all the hallmarks of being loved and used over and over - maybe you have one just like this?

Although this is not a Buddha, it is Buddhist and it is a miniature (50cent size). A painting of the large stupa in my garden.