PENDULUM SKRYING BOARD - Your life questions answered,



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    A beautiful, velvety, rich print of an original board I have been updating over a period of about three years. The original is collage, oil pastels, paint with calligraphy in gold. I added to it and changed it over time as I needed to, making a very efficient life-ally. It answers all my questions, it will answer yours. You can use this board to research questions or situations for yourself, or others. Dowse for water, find your one-love, improve your health, become a millionaire (my friend actually did. Read about it on my web site

    The stock we are using and you will receive in the reproduction of this print has a beautiful heavy velvety finish - hence the increase in the price. Well worth it. I have mine under glass on the top of a small table. Looks unusual, beautiful, and I can use it for the pendulum right away. I find if things are to hand and easy to access, then you will use them more - don't you?

    Using this board you will be able to ask easy YES/NO questions, you can ask complex questions about your life and health, you can access your spirit guides, and you could investigate your past lives. You can ask anything you want, once you make connection with your pendulum(s) and your guides.

    Pendulums have shown up in ancient woodcuts when printing first began, and they have been used by the most ancient of communities. It is not new. If it didn't work I think it would be left behind in history, and it is still as useful as it ever was.
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