PENDULUM KIT: Course, Chart and Pendulum for beginners. Dowsing, oracle, clairvoyant, fortune-teller, occult, consultant, astrology, tarot


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    A complete Pendulum Kit.

    An image of the chart shows up on the front page of the course above, although the actual chart is larger than A4 (40cm x 40cm ready to frame) and needs to be rolled in order to send through the post. It is beautiful paper and the finish is luscious. Not just "ordinary". Who wants "ordinary?" - I don't, so I don't think you do either.

    This course arrives with a Book, pendulum board, and a pendulum. Everything you need to start on your career as a Pendulum Reader, or to answer questions you might have even about past lives. Not just YES or NO. You can ask ANYTHING. But you need to start out simply. This could be your introduction to a new and emerging career in an ancient and forgotten Energy Healing field. It is only the beginning.

    Everything you need is here. I have the chart framed and use it as a small table top. It is beautiful.