NEW REVELATION TAROT "Natures Oracles" plus "Gates and Guardians". Oracle, clairvoyant, revelation, shaman, clairvoyant, fortune-telling



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    A fabulous addition to the Revelation Tarot. Previously Nine came through, and I sold them with a small definition and a pouch. This is no more. However, Now I have added another four cards at no extra cost, but encourage you to purchase THE TAROT WORKBOOK also on the ETSY site, and to check out the free YouTube channel.

    For the past 10 years I have been selling THE REVELATION TAROT, a tarot set I designed, drew, and had printed. The medium is scratchboard. The new deck of 13 cards is identical in size, medium and backing to the original deck, and they should both fit together, one deck being the same as the other in medium and finish.

    The recent Series 2 has been much heralded, and is an addition to the original. It is NOT a minor deck, but a group of 13 cards that are more LeNormand in nature giving a new view into the world of the querent. Nine cards are "Natures oracles" and Four are "Gates and Guardians" and fit beautifully with the long favoured and original Revelation Tarot.

    You can find the details in a new workbook also on this site. THE WORKBOOK... Previously I put a small book in with the cards, but I did an expanded explanation of the whole deck, and feel that the big book is better. I have to tell you that this book is not finished. I will make additions as they come through to me. The whole series and all the words are channelled.

    You can also find a course on this tarot on my new YOU TUBE channel. Google "Jahne Hope-Williams YouTube" and subscribe. The video course is free.
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