ROSE PETAL JAM natural easy alternatives for home kitchen and garden

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    I wrote this 37 page booklet some years ago and only released it through my students and friend worldwide.. I was running a gallery/tea room at the time, and although I made and sold food made from these recipes, the recipes are largely inspired by my mothers cooking.
    Like you perhaps, I wish I could remember all the cookery my mother told me, and showed me. She was "old School" and could whip up a meal in a flash from almost anything having lived through a time when there were no shops, never mind supermarkets. If you didn't grow it or make it, then you didn't eat it. We even caught wild birds to eat which of course would be a no-no today. That 's not to say that these are frugal recipes, they are not.

    In this book you will find the tried and trusted old recipes for family medicines, vinegars, cough and cold soothers, liqueurs, and season home made luxuries.

    In spite of the fact that these are old fashioned recipes, they are not hard to do. You don't have to grind your own flour etc (although it is good if you can).

    I am updating this book, but read this one first. You will love the places it takes you.