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    This is a most unusual book.

    I found the poem that forms the basis of the book on a toilet wall in Amsterdam. It intrigued me. I wondered about the author (and also about the person who had wanted us to see it) and I tried to get it off the wall intact, but in the end copied it down, and researched when I got home the name of the author. Luckily it turned out to be copyright free and the author was a and American called Dr.Cherie.

    Whilst I was in Amsterdam I had a small exhibition of my art works - in this case photography. It was scary to have an exhibition in such a wonderful City the home of some of the world's most reknowned artists. And me! When I got home I looked at the photographs and the copy, and they just seemed to go together. People who have read it agree, I hope you do.

    How to photograph Amsterdam? I chose to capture the odd inscriptions and things that stood out to me as being singular. Things I had not seen anywhere else, and this included the markings on footpaths and roads, tyre marks in the snow (we hardly get enough here in Oz), and the flagstones in the Churches which turned out to be grave-stones.

    The words of the poem are inspiring and I am sure that they will resonate with you. Enjoy.