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    This is a framed Mandala painting. The framed image is 17 inchesx17 inches the mandala is on a stretched canvas which sits inside the shadow box display frame - the glass sits above the painting. The canvas itself is 8 inches x 9 3/4 inches as per the photograph. It can be taken out of its frame to travel.

    I take great trouble to make sure that the background is a perfect as I can achieve, which sometimes takes about 7 coats of paint of various colours BEFORE I begin the gold calligraphy. In this case the background starts a white, then is built up to the last layer which is a beautiful Pthalo Blue. Because of the multiple layers, it takes there appearance of a Rothko painting itself, and is quite beautiful. I have a hard time writing on top of it - it is a work of art in itself. Because so may works are computer generated, and it is hard to tell, I have not painted the edges of the stretcher. You can see the paint drips. it gives it a certain authenticity - you can see a human hand has been involved.

    In this painting the main word in the centre is the Tibetan AUM, the core vibration of the universe. Arranged in a continuous circle around that image is the mantra OM MANI PADME HUM.

    I imagine this would take centre stage in a meditation room (I am told that cats absolutely adore and are mesmerised these images, snuggle up to them, arrange themselves over and around them).