The POWER of the PENDULUM. oracle, dowsing, tarot, consultant, palm reading, shaman, astrology, clairvoyant, past lives, spirit guides, omen

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    This informative guide shows you how Your pendulum can become your Very Best Friend. You can access your spirit guides, find a lost love, soul crossings, past lives. You can work professionally, or just use this skill for yourself, your family and friends....Using a pendulum is a discipline you must practice you can't be friends with someone you have met in passing, and that is the same with your pendulum.

    I have a pendulum in every room and in my purses. They are never far away.

    This will show you how to use one, how to construct one, and how to understand the answers - also how and when to consult to friends and family (at least). If you are interested in The Pendulum you will love this simple to use, simple to understand guide.

    You can also purchase the chart which appears on the cover, and the pendulum(s) also from ETSY.