The YOGA of KOMBUCHA - A how-to guide featuring herbs, yoga, ayurveda and crystals.

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    This is my BIGGEST kombucha How-To. The how-to I listed earlier was just a method, this guide is complete (for the moment) and details the use of herbs to complement the Kombucha and work with the body, mind and spirit.

    I have also included the relevant crystals, so you can pop a crystal in the brew for even greater energetic results and enhancement. You will also find references to the chakras, the dosas and Ayurvedic herbal lore. All in all a very useful tome.

    It is in A5 size to enable you to use the book as a journal. Plenty of white space to write you investigation, and results so that it will become an invaluable journal on your journey to health.

    My children loved and still love Kombucha. It was the go-to drink when they were children. Cold and sparkling (and almost free). I recently say a wine size bottle in a health food store for $15, and when i looked at the ingredients it looked more like a science experiment than a drink which is made out of waste tea. Very ecologically correct. From a yoga point of view honours all the YAMAS.

    And it tastes fabulous too. Serve it in a fancy wine glass - or champagne flute for extra pizzaz.