YOGA MOMENTS A Journal. Tools for the journey. Each page links to the Teacher Training Course, and allows you to record daily yoga

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    In this digital age, so many of my students have a problem logging their hours and times in order to achieve the required and magical CONTACT HOURS needed to graduate. No matter how many times I demonstrate, I even have made a video, nothing helps - so I have done the hard work and made a booklet, a daily journal, that you can use daily and total monthly.

    I have made this a 7 day template. You will have to duplicate the template weekly, and when completed, store them in your records. Once you have totalled everything every month and recorded the totals in your passport, you can toss the months hard copy away (unless you want to keep them as a record of work done, and thoughts along the way). It is easy - I think - I hope.

    There is space for thoughts, and a simple recipe on every page. I like simple. Anything with more than five ingredients is a challenge for me. I have gotten out of the way of cooking, and just don't want to go there.