HEMP 13thC. GINGERBREAD Recipe Greeting Card with historical notes.


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Everyone loves a recipe, and this is a yummy HEMP SUPERFOOD recipe that even children love, and who wouldn't.
As well as Hemp seeds, and powder you can add shredded carrot, or to be decadent, even choc bits. It's up to you.

The card can be folded into a blank card to send to friends - remember to buy some lovely paper to print it on. the finished look is up to you.
Fold the paper in half, then into half again making sure the illustration is facing you, and the fold is on the top, and then in the middle. It is easy.. and you will have in your hand a perfect greeting card.

There is even a little history lesson on the back of the card - gingerbread has a wonderful history in Europe - it is even mentioned in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Elizabeth 1 used to hand out gingerbread as favours for her courtiers of note. But is had its origins in medicine.

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