REVELATION TAROT - The expanded edition with Chakras, numbers..


Shipping to United States: Free

This book was requested by my clients who have an aversion to downloading. I provided the download because it is quicker than dealing with postage, and certainly a more economical option. However - you wanted an alternative, and here it is.

The book is spiral bound (by me), and presented in an easy to use format, keeping in mind that you probably will want to read it and make notes - that is why the right hand page contains the details and the left hand side is blank for notes. If you look at any of the books on my shelves you will find them written in tagged and bookmarked.

The other day i took a book from the Theosophical Library (my favourite library in Australia at least). I was coming home in the train tossing up whether i would open the book, or leave the pleasure until later. I couldn't wait! Imagine my delight and surprise to find that the last person who read the book, had used dollars to bookmark his favourite pages. A windfall, which i donated to Church Missions. But quite lovely all the same.

Enough frivolity - if You would like a copy of the book, then you have two choices. With the hard copy, the postage is included in the price.

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