Jahnes Kannabis Kitchen, a Superfood Cookbook. Fabulous recipes using Cannabis Sativa (hemp), oils, seeds and powder


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Cannabis Sativa, the cultivated "good cousin" of marijuana can change your life. They are the ONLY food to have naturally occurring Omega 3 and 6 in the ratio that scientists consider to be the ideal balance for humans. It has gram for gram more essential omega 3 and 6 than fish, chia or flax seeds, and a complete protein in the form of edestin and albumin, the same proteins the body used to build the immune system. They are naturally low in sugar - and they taste creamy and nutty.

This little booklet will give you the (easy) way to add these superfoods to your diet. Lower your sugar intake feel energised, calm, and ready for the day.

They have eliminated my own dermatitis problem, my skin is plumped, and I feel great. Try it and see. This booklet shows you how.

The booklet is in A5 format. Download, trim, and put in a folder.

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