The REVELATION TAROT complete with 13 new Channelled "minors" which can be read together.



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    You have been waiting for the entire deck, and as far as I can tell (they are channelled perfectly like Mozart's music) these are they.

    I channelled the REVELATION TAROT which I posted for sale about 10+ years ago. I kept trying to be available for the minors, but nothing really worked until last year when I started to channel the Gates and Guardians. I am sure they happened because I didn't any more have an idea what I thought the minors SHOULD BE. I just stood back, and let them come.

    The result is this set of 13 beautiful cards, that fit absolutely perfectly with the original Revelation Tarot. They can be read intuitively and are designed to give you lots of options... not every person reacts the same way to the same situations in their lives. Or you can use the book that accompanies them to get an idea of what they can be, or are for me. They will probably mean something entirely different to you. They can also be read alongside the majors, and in the way that the minors are read - but how is up to you. I usually start with three of the majors, then choose a minor which builds the picture.

    In past times people had a lot more time and a lot more patience to sit with the cards. Today, when everything is in sound bites and no-one reads books, people want to know the answers and they want to know it NOW. It is different, and we have to read differently. These cards are for the 21st century.

    The cost for the two sets as described is posted standard in Australia and Registered Post overseas.
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