POCKET PENDULUM. An enamel pocket pendulum for everyday use.


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    I have pendants in every room, and in every bag, Large pendants and pendants like this one A POCKET PENDANT. This is one you can use anywhere, anytime. It is still responsive, it will still speak to you and still make friends with you.

    A friend of mine grew his fortune from being a vitamin pill salesman in his garage, to owning and trading multi million dollar real estate in the best situations... and he made every decision using his pendulum which was attached to his key chain. Most people who saw him at a business meeting would have thought he was nervously playing with his key ring. No, he was consulting his pendant.

    To work with your pendant like this and as closely as this does take discipline, but I guess that if you have made a few fabulous changes in your life due to the pendant, you would consult it more often. We all have to start somewhere. First, get a pendant, a number of them, and work with them closely.