TAROT VOUCHER - a gift voucher for three card tarot reading on line or in person.

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    If you have always wanted a tarot reading from me, or if you would like to present it to someone else, here is a card that will help you do this.

    Download the card, and either post, or scan and email it to me, an I will do the reading via email or in person.
    Email: yogafirst [!at] netcon.net.au

    When I do a reading I use the tarot, pendulum or if there is a health issue involved, I like to use tea-leaves as well. I don't just guess, I get as near to spirit as I can for you. How long will it take. Well, sometimes it takes an hour, and sometimes it takes 5 minutes, just depends when spirit comes through and what questions you want answered. I have had people burst into smiles and laughs after 5 minutes when the question they have in their mind (not necessarily the one they ask) is answered right off the bat.

    I have read the tarot for many years ever since i was a child, as my mother and her sisters and so on back in time. There has always been someone in our family who reads the tarot, this time around it is me.