RULE NUMBER 10 from the poem "On Being Human"

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    Years ago I found a poem in the Amsterdam toilet - unusual I know but the words were so meaningful I copied it there and then, which was difficult on toilet paper with one of those smudgy pens. It took a long time, and it took some time to uncover the author and make sure the words were right.

    I then matched the words to photographs I had taken around Amsterdam, and it remains one of my treasured booklets.

    Here I am, and it is still a very favourite poem, which is made up of 10 "rules" for successful living. Here is number 10. If you re interested in growth and self development, you will love these poems.

    It is A4 size, and I suggest that you purchase some beautiful paper, maybe one with a linen finish, and then download. It will still look lovely framed, but even better on lovely paper. I can do it on A3 hard copy, and if you would like to contact me I can send you a copy. Send me a convo or an email. I would love to hear from you.