DAILY PLANNER . Help to get through your days. We don't plan to fail we fail to plan.

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    Having managed through COVID are you anxious about what comes next?

    So many people struggle through their days, and getting to the end lie in bed thinking of all the things they didn't do, and worrying - leading to broken nights and anxious days.

    There is a remedy. PLAN.

    Within this one word is a whole lot of complications for most people, and designing planner can become an excuse in itself. I have done this for you, mimicking a planner I use every day. It even has a column for your dream diary.

    1. Download one copy and then photocopy it seven times - one for each day.
    2. Put two holes in the top long side
    3. Place it in a two hole binder

    4. Fill it in every evening for the day ahead. Speak to husband, children, home help so you are all on the one page.

    5. THEN DO WHAT IS IN THE PLANNER, and life will be a whole lot simpler and a hole lot more successful.

    6. When you get to the end of the week, file the filled in pages somewhere, and begin again. I don't throw them away because I scribble down notes to myself on the planner through the days. I like to go back, review, and rewrite if necessary.