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    You have done TEA LEAF READING for individuals and groups, you have had to provide the tea pot, the tea leaves, cups, even the water - but all that has changed with these beautiful, colourful cards.

    The front image is the tea leaf picture in the cup. The background expands on this and depicts the movement and intuitive pictures we see in the leaves. It is perfect. You have the cup to start you thinking, experiencing, intuiting. The cup has many images you can use actually in the cup, around the cup in the saucer, the colours, the implications of the images, and then you have the swirling silk background... it is perfect.

    The cards come in a beautiful lined felt pouch that fits the cards, a notebook, pencil even a box... all you need is this small package and you can become the "Travelling Tea Leaf Reader". This is all you need, all in one beautiful, convenient pack.