PENDULUM CHART - Our fabulous chart in fit at your work station or beside your bed.


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    Years ago we made the 40cm x 40cm PENDULUM CHARTS which can be used on top of a coffee table, under glass where you do the readings, framed as an art work and so on. They are beautiful...... we have sold hundreds.

    Now we have done the MINIATURE version 17cm x 17cm (6 1/2inches square). These are small enough to be placed beside you computer so you can consult often, on your bedside table, carried in your computer bag - taken anywhere you may need them, and isn't that everywhere?

    I use my pendulum many times a day, now I have this beautiful "travelling Pendulum Chart" I can use many times a day and carry it wherever i go.

    Another good things about miniature is that it is easy to post.