TEA LEAF READING by the cards. A new way of reading the leaves... a travelling deck.


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    I have read the tea leaves since I was little girl...Tea was easy to use at our house. Mum drank 15 cups before the rest of the household had gotten out of bed. Most of those were read, just to see how the day was going to pan out. My aunts read the tea laves and even in those days they were (I am told by the family) consulted by the police to help solve crimes.

    Today I do a combo of tarot, tea leaves and the pendulum, but carrying all the tea leaf bits and bobs is too hard, and if you rely on others something is always missing. So I designed these especially to do this job. You can use them with the tarot, and the pendulum - they are versatile, colourful, and happy to travel.

    They come in a box, with a pendulum a chart (you can colour in and hang on your wall or carry with you). Everything you need is right at your fingertips, there is even a little booklet to guide you on your way.