REVELATION TAROT - Ask Three Questions

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    Now we have more time, more options to speak with you, my Guide NADOYAN suggested that I could open my store and offer you the opportunity to ask THREE QUESTIONS of our REVELATION TAROT. You know the deck, now you can ask me three questions. i will use THE REVELATION TAROT DECK, the expanded edition which includes GATES AND GUARDIANS.

    If you need a little guidance, I can help you, I am here to answer three questions.

    I don't need to know your personal details, but if you message me here on ETSY with you specific question and send me a selfie taken before or after you have asked the question that will be good. Try not to have a window behind you, although I still need to see your eyes.

    I check in with with my Guide Nadoyan before answering any questions, and he is always with me, so you will always know the answers come from the highest source. You can expect the highest and best answer to your question.
    I am blessed and honoured that your are sharing this aspect of self with me.

    I look forward to connecting with your soul energy.
    Love and blessings. NAMASTE, Jahne