It has been ten (maybe fifteen) years since i chanelled THE REVELATION TAROT.  It was so different to anything else out there, I wondered if anyone except me would either like it or use it - but suprisingly you did...  It has had a special acceptance in Europe and the USA which is most gratifying.

The most asked question I guess is "why only the major arcana?".  Anwer is easy - that is all I was given.   I have recently been given thirteen more cards.  Nine GATE CARDS, and four GUARDIAN CARDS.  They are not the minor arcana of course, but they are smooth additions to the majors.  

At the present time I am having them printed, and when that happens, I will let you know... you will hear it first here.  The image I have included here is the poster to advertise the present deck.  

If you are in Australia, you can go see some of the cards, the originals, framed and on display at RED RESTAURANT, High Street in Woodend.  Of course, if you would like to buy a matted, framed card, it is just a matter ofdecising which one you want, and ordering it.  I won't send a frame unless you particularly request it, and then it will cost extra, especially postage..

I am also writing a book to accompany the entire REVELATION>  I am calling it THE REVELATION TAROT - RED SERIES.