Everything we do, we do for you – we share with you and  our www.yogabeautiful.com.au web site, and in ETSY (www.myyogabooks,etsy.com) and on our facebook page “YOGAFIRST” I’ll share the diet and lifestyle principles that have helped students, graduates and clients rebuild their physical and mental well-being. Whether it’s drinking your green juice, improving gut health through our hemp recipes, or reducing toxins in your food and home we have always shared everything we learn with you when we learn it, updating all the while.  If you want to make lasting changes, we have given you books, charts and courses.  What we have presented is not perfect, it is not the last word, however, this is a new field and we are all beginners.  Join us on the journey – you won’t regret it.

To begin with, you could grab a copy of  “JAHNES KANNABIS KITCHEN from the ETSY site.  This book is filled with hints, tips, and the information you may need to move forward on your HEMP journey with us,  and oh SO many delicious recipes!

 If you are looking to create a meditation practice, you can begin with just three minutes.  Download the THREE MINUTE MEDITATION and I can tell you it will change your life.

Fitness? Flexibility? Fast?  Then you will just love our FIVE ELEMENT YOGA.  You can do this whole-body workout,  fast (or slow) in about 7 minutes.  It wakes the body, clears the mind, and kick-starts the endocrine system.  It will move you beautifully into a new day, a new life.  

…and, If you enjoy inspirational card decks, we will shortly be releasing “VICTORIA’S LOVE NOTES”.  I called them that because I collaged images from the pages of the oldest editions of an American magazine called “VICTORIA”.  The photos are like no-one else’s, dreamy, emotional, reflective. Start your day with an uplifting message and I bet you’ll be a lot happier by the time it ends.